Alex Jones Tied to Homeland Security &

Silver Sol Sponsors Advancing Consumer Fraud:

A Case Study in Media Propaganda and

Health Crisis Capitalism


From: Leonard Horowitz

Date: Fri, Oct 16, 2009 at 9:29 PM

Subject: Re: Alex Jones Advertising - Call me back



I need to speak with Alex, and have been leaving messages to do so for a week.

The following 528Hz frequency description is based on ABSOLUTELY SOLID MATHEMATICAL PROOFS EVOLVING PHYSICS AND BIOPHYSICS. For all of us, humanity at large, it is sad that Alex holds zero confidence in proofs that I have advanced over the past decade that lies in the realm of GREAT NEWS (Modern Gospel), not Alex's focus. So it is indeed forgivable that he holds zero confidence in 528 being the heart (the center or midpoint) of the electromagnetic color spectrum, the sound spectrum as well, it is the reason chlorophyll and most of the botanical world is greenish-yellow; the reason organic chemistry is based on C-6 (carbon six) hexagonal rings, and the fundamental force (i.e., creative resonance) why water is molecularly structured in tetrahedron-shaped pyramids, alternatively why all snowflakes are hexagonal. Think about the warm fuzzy feeling you get in your heart when in LOVE (in 528Hz). And I theorize it is the clear channel broadcast between God's heart (for creating natural beauty in all its forms), and our creative hearts that long to commune Divinely with nature and each other. 

Now if you go one or two Hertz away, like your radio dial tunes beyond a signal, you stop hearing the clear broadcast. It is still there, but silenced by your ignorance to find the right frequency (channel, signal, station) to hear the uplifting music again. 

Now OxySilver was designed to apply our latest knowledge in this field of hydrosonics. (See: This involves biophysics and energy medicine, and leaves nothing out on our most advanced knowledge. OxySilver is revolutionary in that its efficacy compels our understanding of how a simple pure nano-size silver particle, covalently-bonded to the oxygen in water, can terminate infectious diseases on planet earth.

Why do you suppose our product and the silver hydrosol industry has been heavily suppressed like Tesla technology? It can put BigPharma out of business! It can end reliance on vaccines and antibiotics, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, because of the 528Hz frequency resonance in the formula (along with prayer of course), this product can accelerate the "Consciousness Movement" or "Spiritual Renaissance." This knowledge shall shift the physical-metaphysical-spiritual paradigm in the minds of anyone who cares to discover HOW IT WORKS! 

It "works three ways"...

So if Alex wants to think of an alternative third way I do not know about, that would be fine. Then we can redevelop the sentence with that new determination. Or....

Alternatively, if Alex feels weird telling people the fundamental fact, scientifically proven, that 528Hz is the "good vibration" closest to LOVE that we know, he has my permission to change the ad, but with something more important or relevant. 

Before Alex begins, perhaps he should consider that it was the Rockefeller family, working with Joseph Goebbles, that institutionalized TUNING INSTRUMENTS (all Western Music) to the most DISSONANT / STRESSFUL / SPIRITUALLY DEPRIVING, 440HZ (A note) to BLOCK 528Hz creative energy from everyone?

I know that it will be impossible to come up with a more important sentence. I have already tried and failed. 

Frankly, given the "business" Alex and I are in, anything less than what is already written serves ignorant censorship. I would hate to be guilty of the same bullshit we put up with from Murdoch, Glocer, Zuckerman, et. al.

Again, tell Alex we need to speak, do a show on this with HARD Questions from him and callers. Tell Alex he can play hardball devil's advocate with me. I would love it and so would God and listeners.

If the aforementioned is insufficiently compelling to do the ad, as is. Just make up something that you want said to provide a mutual blessing with honesty and integrity.

We should also do an ad for vaccination detoxification with ZeoLife. 

I will be away till Monday, AM.


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From: Derek Einkauf <>

Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 14:07:15

To: <>

Subject: Alex Jones Advertising - Call me back


Give me a call on my cell as soon as you get the chance. I left a

voicemail for you this morning and just had not heard from you. There is

a line in the script that Alex is uncomfortable with.  The line reads

"OxySilver oxygenates for faster healing and provides a resonant Energy

to your body of 528 hertz frequency, fundamental to natural healing"

Alex doesn't feel comfortable with this line. I'm a HUUUUGE fan of Len's

and have watched several dozen hours worth of his lectures etc. but I

can't get Alex to do this line. Is there a better way we can say this

one thing? That's all I need done, and I can get this thing recorded for

you guys.

We're sorry about this, but Alex feels I think, that people may attack

him over it, since it's HIM voicing the ad. I wish Alex would have said

something sooner to me, but I just didn't know he had not approved the

script when he had me take over to help get you guys set up.

Unfortunately, I had not seen this line for myself till yesterday when I

was with Alex and he pointed it out to him. Alex did say to make up for

these inconviences, he'd like to have Dr. Horowitz up and he can freely

talk about his product during his interviews, and Alex will throw in

some free radio plugs. We normally charge $4,000 for a 5 minute

interview for advertisers, so this could be really nice for you guys

when Len comes on, which will be often of course throughout this swine

flu hysteria.

I've attached the script to this email. Can you just replace the one

line Alex was concerned with? I'm sure we can convince Alex in time, but

I want to get this done for you guys, so we can get you going. All I

need is Alex's cooperation with the script and we're good to go. Give me

a call when you can.




c/o Rob Dew

Producer: The Alex Jones Show

Office 512-291-5750 x 92

Fax 866-441-1884

Dear Alex:

Since you never responded to repeated phone calls from Dr. Horowitz and myself, we are putting this in writing for open dialogue that will be posted here for public scrutiny, and ideally on your website as well.

Given the e-mails published above, and the information regarding your organization’s infiltration by Homeland Security officials acting as sponsors, Dr. Horowitz and I request that you answer the following questions:

  1. 1)Do you deny being paid by the Mueller family/Homeland Security investors in American Biotech Labs/Clifton Mining companies, to renig on your verbal and written contract(s) to advertise OxySilver, and interview Dr. Horowitz, as you pledged, on the subject of OxySilver and 528Hz frequency?

  1. 2)Are you aware that the UV light frequencies that these Silver Sol manufacturers are advertising their use of, have been linked to genetic damage and skin cancer risks?

3) What are your comments on Homeland Security officials being your advertisers or sponsors.

4) Did you authorize the Muller family/Homeland Security investors in American Biotech Labs/Clifton Mining companies to use your 10/29 interview with Keith Muller to endorse SilverSol? If so, why did you prohibit Dr. Horowitz from using the OxySilver commercial you edited and recorded, following Dr. Horowitz’s request to pay you for such usage? If not, what do you have to say about them advertising your 10/29 interview on Silver Sol?

5) What are your comments on SilverSol's fraudulent electron microscope (doctored) photograph?

6) When did American BioTech Labs/Clifton Mining/ Homeland Security investors first approach you to advertise Silver Sol?

7) After receiving Dr. Horowitz’s written and verbal reports on OxySilver’s 528Hz frequency inclusion, how can you defend your awareness that these parties’ advertising campaign obviously stole Dr. Horowitz’s original marketing concepts, and pioneering use of the “LOVE frequency of 528Hz,” to develop several decoy products, including the “LOVE Silver Sol” product potentially risking public health through doctored science and consumer fraud?

8) What do you have to say about the use of your celebrity to promote the Natural Silver Solutions companies decoy products as an obvious attempt to put OxySilver out of business?

9) Are you going to publish a written apology to Dr. Horowitz, and rebuke your sponsorship by

Homeland Security/Clifton Mining/American Biotech Labs officials?

We await your reply.

Sherri Kane

Freelance Investigative Journalist

Co-Founder (with Dr. Horowitz)

Healthy World Organization (HWO)

                                     - end -