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Insurance Services Recruiting

L&I’s Insurance Services division has immediate openings for claim managers.

In this position, you will assist injured workers who have filed a workers’ compensation claim. Some of the work includes approving medical treatment for qualified workers, and setting up monetary and vocational benefits.

In this job, you will play a vital role in helping injured workers heal and return to work whenever possible.

We’re looking for candidates who enjoy customer service. Experience in claims/insurance adjusting, investigations, or a paramedical occupation is preferred, but not required.

Successful applicants will be trained on all aspects of the job during a paid 22-month apprenticeship. For veterans, your G.I. Bill benefits will pay you a monthly stipend to supplement your pay while you complete the apprenticeship.

In addition to a great pay-and-benefits package, L&I offers flexible schedules once you complete the training that allow you to maintain the work-life balance you want. This is an excellent opportunity to begin a new career at L&I, and opens the doors for advancement within the department.

Apply today! The next class begins February 2024.

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Discover Your Career at L&I

Join our dynamic and diverse team

We're not just another state agency. Hear from some of our employees about what makes us unique… and the place you'll want to start your new (or next) career.

Our priorities

L&I employees embody our mission to "Keep Washington safe and working." We're also working every day to accomplish 5 agency goals:

  1. Keep workers and the public safe.
  2. Help injured workers heal and return to work.
  3. Make it easy to do business and engage with L&I.
  4. Help honest workers, businesses and providers, and crack down on the dishonest ones.
  5. Ensure L&I is the employer of choice.

More than just a paycheck

Here are a few things that make us a great place to work:

  • Support for veterans: Watch footage of L&I's 2021 Veterans Day ceremony.
  • Commitment to diversity: We strive to:
    • Attract and retain a high-performing and diverse workforce in which our differences are respected and valued to better meet the needs of the diverse customers we serve.
    • Foster an inclusive environment promoting safety, collaboration, flexibility, and fairness, so all employees can participate and contribute to their full potential.
  • Robust wellness program: Healthy food options in most buildings, lactation rooms for new moms, running clubs, Weight Watchers at Work, yoga, seasonal exercise tracking campaigns, and much more.
  • Support for a healthy work/life balance: Flexible work schedules and telework opportunities.
  • Comprehensive benefits package: A family-friendly package of pay, benefits, paid time off, and workplace opportunities to help you get the most out of your career and life. Learn about Washington State employee benefits.
  • Focus on professional growth and development: Opportunities for tuition reimbursem*nt, developmental job assignments, job shadowing, internal and external training, and more.
  • Dedication to safety: Check out our videos:

Community Life in Washington State

L&I's main office is located in beautiful south Puget Sound

The main office building for L&I is located in Tumwater, Wash., in Thurston County. Tumwater is often grouped together with its neighboring cities of Lacey and Olympia.

Being the state capitol, the city of Olympia is the hub for state service for Thurston County and has many interesting places to visit. The Olympia Film Society is well known throughout the state for its annual film festival at the historic Capitol Theater. Washington Center for the Performing Arts is south Puget Sound's largest performing arts facility and is committed to providing a wide variety of entertainment and cultural activities for the residents of 5 surrounding counties.

For good resources regarding the benefits of living in south Puget Sound, visit Washington State Travel and Tourism, Olympia Online, or Thurston County Chamber of Commerce.

Thurston County has many opportunities for continuing education:

For salary comparison, try these tools:

L&I has19 local offices across the state

L&I serves the entire state of Washington. The coverage areas are split up into 6 regions, with a total of throughout the state.

New Employees

For New L&I Employees

Your first day at work

Here's what to expect for your first day at L&I:

  • Your new supervisor should arrange your arrival prior to your first day. Be sure you know where and when you are expected at work.
  • You will fill out various forms, so bring 2 acceptable forms of identification.
  • You will have the opportunity to:
    • Meet your new team.
    • Receive an overall orientation to your program area.
    • Talk with your payroll and benefits specialist and human resources consultant.

Contact your supervisor if you have questions.

Your benefits information

L&I offers a family-friendly package of benefits and workplace opportunities to help you get the most out of your career and life. Your paycheck is only part of your total compensation.

Employees have access to:

Useful forms and documents

  • Acceptable documents that establish identity and employment authorization: A list of the documents you'll need to bring on your first day at work.
  • Direct deposit authorization: Automatically deposit your paycheck into your bank account so that your money is available immediately.
  • Emergency contact information: Information you'll want to assemble before your first day.
  • Form I-9: Form I-9 verifies you are eligible for employment in the United States.
  • Form W-4: Form W-4 enables your employer to withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay.

Common questions for new employees

What do I wear on my first day?

Business casual is a good choice for your first day. We suggest you discuss this with your new supervisor.

How do I find out more about health care and other related benefits?

Visit the Health Care Authority website to find out more.

Need more help? When you arrive for your first day, contact

When are paydays?

See the calendar of paydays and holidays.

Which holidays will I get off?

You will get the following days off:

  • January 1 (New Year's Day)
  • Third Monday of January (celebrated as the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birth)
  • Third Monday of February (Presidents' Day)
  • Last Monday of May (Memorial Day)
  • June 19 (Juneteenth)
  • July 4 (Independence Day)
  • First Monday in September (Labor Day)
  • November 11 (Veterans Day)
  • Fourth Thursday in November (Thanksgiving Day)
  • Friday immediately following the fourth Thursday of November (Native American Heritage Day)
  • December 25 (Christmas Day)

Do I get paid vacation and sick leave?

Your leave benefits include:

  • 12 – 22 days of vacation per year
  • 11 paid holidays
  • 12 days of sick leave per year
  • Newborn, adoptive, and emergency child care leave
  • Leave without pay for maternity and education
  • Paid leave for jury or other civil duties
  • Leave for military service.

Qualified employees may also donate leave to assist others through an extended absence.

Career Opportunities at L&I (2024)
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