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Letter: Rep Knight is a friend to small business and veterans

To the editor: After reading recent letters, I felt compelled to share an experience with Representative Knight of District 67. I moved my family to RI 23 years ago and to Barrington …more


Letter: Trust and faith in our elected officials is important

To the editor: My son recently told me about a multiple choice question on an American Government test. The question was (paraphrased): Elected officials are supposed to serve in the …more


Letter: It’s true – elections do have consequences

To the editor: I have one question for each of us to ponder as early voting starts leading up to Election Day on November 8th – do you think our town of Barrington is better off now than …more


Letter: Setting the record straight on my vote

To the editor: As a father and public servant with a clear record of support for children and families, I have always stood firm in my commitment to protect our children from sexual abuse. …more


Letter: An atrocious history

To the editor: "If a slave says to the master, 'you are not my master,' the master shall cut off the slave's ear." Code of Hammurabi, circa 1,780 B.C. Sadly, an increasing number of …more


Letter: Is Jason Knight really an Independent voice?

To the editor: Recently, Rep. Knight claimed to be an “independent” voice but could only offer one instance where he voted against leadership. Of course, he left one conspicuous …more


Letter: Disappointed by no-shows at candidate forums

To the editor: I find it troubling when candidates for public office refuse to debate their opponents or to participate in local forums. Many voters learn about candidates through public …more


Letter: Signs are nice, but votes matter

To the editor: Signs are nice (Preserve the Monastery), petitions add some gravitas (Save Sowams School) and demonstrations can make it more personal (teachers’ redshirt rally). …more


Letter: Let’s stand up to Rhode Island Energy

To the editor: The monopoly of Rhode Island Energy is hiking our prices up as much as 47%. We all received an email about it from our energy overlords over the summer, and my question is, why …more


Letter: Committed to prioritizing student well-being

To the editor: Our community prides itself on the quality of education that the Barrington Public Schools delivers to our students in grades K through 12. I offer continued gratitude to the …more


Letter: Local legislator helped get the job done

To the editor: We should all celebrate the groundbreaking for the replacement of the East Bay Bike Path Bridges, which are so important to the local economies in Barrington, Warren and Bristol, …more


Letter: Incredibly impressed by Rep. Knight

To the editor: Joe Merrill’s description of Jason Knight as a representative who blindly follows leadership and does as he’s told in his recently published letter to the editor could …more


Letter: Protecting our kids

To the editor: To find out your child has been sexually assaulted by an adult is among the worst things a parent could imagine. Yet, the possibility for this to be a reality has been …more


Letter: Shame on the Barrington Times for getting involved

I am a 1997 graduate of Barrington High School and have been a teacher and administrator for the past 23 years. On a recent visit my parents shared the letter written regarding Dr. Kevin Blanchard …more


Letter: Mr. Blanchard is a wonderful teacher

To the editor: As a parent of a child who thrived in Mr. Blanchard’s Lang and Lit course as a freshman, I would like to offer our experience. Our son not only thrived academically but felt …more


Letter: An independent voice for Barrington and Warren

To the editor: I’m writing to respond to last week’s letter to the editor from Joe Merrill. Mr. Merrill said that he did not know of “an instance when [I] voted on anything, no …more


Letter: School plan will adversely impact home values

To the editor: We agree that our neighborhood schools need to be updated and potentially even rebuilt. Yet, we hope we can keep just that - our neighborhood schools. One of the most important …more


Letter: First world problems

To the editor: Talk about first world problems, am I right? Mr. Blanchard was my favorite teacher at BHS, and without him I wouldn’t have passed senior project. He is honest, and kind and …more


Letter: Judge erred in truck toll decision

To the editor: Federal Judge Smith of Rhode Island made a decision that truck tolls, not applicable to automobiles, is unconstitutional by the Commerce Clause of the federal constitution. That …more


Letter: K-3 should be prioritized over pre-K expansion

To the editor: We are grateful that the Barrington Times recently covered the space concerns relating to Primrose Hill Elementary . These space concerns are the result of optional preschool …more


Letter: Dear Elvis Presley, we need help

To the editor: In regard to the Barrington School Committee, it’s time to ask Elvis Presley for help. “Return to Sender.” The committee’s plans for the future of …more


Letter: Candidate needs to get his facts straight

To the editor: Last week, Scott Fuller wrote , “firearms crimes are dismissed at high rates with perpetrators quickly back onto the streets.” Nothing could be further from the truth. …more


Letter: Rep. Knight is willing to call out leadership

To the editor:In his letter to the editor in the Oct. 5 Barrington Times, Joe Merrill disparages District 67 Representative Jason Knight for being essentially a rubber stamp for “the House …more


Letter: We deserve dynamic leaders willing to shake things up

To the editor: For several years Barrington and Warren have been represented by Jason Knight who runs with the progressive crowd. I don’t know of an instance when he voted on anything, no …more


Letter: What I’d do if I were elected RI's governor

To the editor:I imagined I just got elected governor of Rhode Island. I have had no prior connection to Rhode Island politics, so I am beholden to no special interests. I am honest, smart, …more


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