Natural White 5 Minute Tooth Whitening System Reviews – (2024)


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I was really looking forward to having whiter teeth. I kept repeating the use of this product 2x a day, first for 5 minutes then leaving it on for 8 minutes. The only change was redder gums making my teeth appear whiter but after gum irritation subsided the teeth didn't actually change.




I am always looking for easy, quick, inexpensive ways to whiten my teeth. I tend to love coffee and sometimes soda a bit too much, and my teeth suffer for it. I decided to try this Natural White 5 Minute Tooth Whitening System. It was incredibly cheap and seemed to have similar ingredients as all the other whitening systems. This, however, does not work even remotely as well as any other system I have tried. First, the tray it comes with is a one size fits all that doesn't form to the teeth at all. The paste never seems to reach into all the places it needs to. Second, the paste oozes out of the trays making it difficult to keep where it needs to be. Third, the whole process is messy and very inconvenient. And fourth, after using this product exactly as it says to, there was no noticeable change in the color of my teeth. It was disappointing to waste all that time for nothing. The price may be tempting, but it is still not worth it.EffectivenessDidn't seem to work at all.ConvenienceThe messiest system I've ever tried.Minimal Side EffectsI don't recall sensitivity, but that would make sense since it didn't work.




When I first purchased Natural White, I was excited about the aspect of being able to whiten my teeth for a fraction of the cost. The packaging made me feel as if I was going to be very impressed with it's effectiveness. I was not. I really did not notice much of a difference as all and used the product exactly as described for a length of time. I kept hoping for a change, but noticed none. I even took pictures everyday, because I thought that I was missing something. I have read other reviews and saw where others are happy with the results, so I have concluded that It does not work for everyone. I am a non smoker and do not drink coffee or subject my teeth to strong staining products, so I have thought of everything that could cause this product not to work for me and I have come up with no solutions. I am just not impressed at all. Brushing with baking soda worked better for me then using this product. It was also very uncomfortable to use with the big mouth tray. I have a smaller mouth and found that I had difficulty trying not to choke.


Belle Valley, OH


5 Minute Whitener is horrible. It bites. I had the tray in my mouth for three minutes or less, and ended up vomiting for the next five minutes. Bleach like taste, and sickening feeling. I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. Yes it works to brighten your teeth, but getting sick is not worth the slight improvement.


Lockport, NY


This is a really good product. People don't think it works cause it's not an expensive item but it does work well and for only being five minutes it does alot! This product i would recommend to others. If you havn't used it then go to the store and buy it im sure you will be satisfied with it! Then when you try it and like it then come here and wirte a review on it cause i know your going to like this product.


Warren, OH


I tried this product about 3 years ago, and it was no help. I used it for about 2 months and it didn't whiten my teeth at all. I then tried the product again for about 3 months,and it still didnt whiten my teeth. Ima believer of secondchances, butnothing changedthe second time around.I do remember that I got this product for very chep. When I seen the product I didnt thing it was going to work anyway, but I didnt want to judge a book by its cover(I should of this time!). The taste of thisproduct is really bad also, I all most could keep it in for the hole time.The teeth tray is made where you can't talk with them in and thegel goes all over the place in your mouth. I dont know,I really just had a reallymessy time with this product and I really have nothing positive to say about it. This product is a good example of the saying"you get what you pay for....."Low price isn'talways good!


Burton, MI



Natural White 5 Minute Tooth Whitening System Reviews – (2024)
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