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Letter: Wind power needed more than ever these days

To the editor:I enjoyed reading your article mentioning how a number of businesses and recreational activities will be adversely impacted (by the Mayflower Wind proposal, Aug. 25, The Portsmouth …more


Letter: D is for Democracy, not Disrespect

To the editor: How sad it is that a good argument can be made that the “D” in America’s DNA stands for Disrespect. Slavery and its aftermath and the massacre and …more


Letter: Portsmouth should freeze spending, property taxes

To the editor: This letter is addressed to Portsmouth town government, with an urgent request to freeze spending and property taxes for the next two fiscal years due to hyper-inflation, upcoming …more


No transfer station will hurt most vulnerable residents

To the editor: Closing the transfer station will impact our most vulnerable residents, seniors and low-income families, in cost and convenience. Many seniors make a combined trip to the …more


Letter: TCI will hurt business, add taxes and fuel exodus

To the editor:The Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) is another “wonderful” idea promoted by our governor and the East Side (Providence) think tank in an attempt to extract …more


Letter: Please help postal employees stay safe

To the editor: During these challenging times, postal employees are working hard to ensure residents stay connected with their world through the mail. Whether it’s medications, a package, …more


Letter: Only fines will curb speeding problem

To the editor: I have been a professional driver for over 40 years, operating in 45 states. Only one thing gets drivers to slow down, strict consistent enforcement. Unless it costs them …more


Letter: Sticking with transfer station makes financial sense

To the editor: (Here’s the) cost of waste disposal options in Portsmouth: • Transfer station: $210 plus $80 for PAYT bags (my cost) for 12 months = $290 • Mega …more


Letter: What's the deal with sea foam, anyway?

If you take a close look at a glass of seawater or even Westport River water, you will find it is full of tiny particles. Seawater isn't just plain water; it contains dissolved salts, proteins, fats, …more


Letter: Wind farms — why we must move ahead with them

We only have seven years left. The Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources set a goal to depend on 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030. The global climate has already warmed above one degree …more


Letter: Arlene Violet — A hard act to follow

To the editor: The very first thing I would do when the Sakonnet Times arrived was to go to Arlene Violet's column. If there was not one in that edition I felt cheated, something very important was …more


Letter: Work on shoreline rights was superb

To the editor: Scott Pickering's extensive article in East Bay Life on the extremely complex issue of rights to our shoreline, a cause championed in the 1986 Constitutional Convention by Bristol's …more


Letter: Managing to save Atlantic herring is a tall order

Thanks very much for your column on the status of Atlantic herring in the March 28, 2024, East Providence Post. As you probably know, the U.S. Supreme Court has taken up the Atlantic herring …more


Letter: Oyster farms could change water access forever

To the editor: There is much to discuss about the proposed oyster farms in Seapowet waterway, but I would like to focus on a couple of points. * Lack of public input — The …more


Letter: Thanks to all those who possibly saved my life

To the editor: I have been sailing on the Sakonnet River for about 35 years. I’ve always made it home on my own. On Sept. 15 at about 5 p.m., a powerful gust tipped my sailboat over right …more


Letter: Want a dictator? Be careful what you wish for

We have seen ordinary Americans say on camera that we need Donald Trump to be a dictator, because “America needs a dictator now.”Presumably, they feel that a dictator will be able …more


Letter: Concerns about the Mt. Hope Bridge

The failure of the Washington Street Bridge has been extensively reported. It seems there may also be reasons to raise questions about the Mt. Hope Bridge.more


Letter: Bowens' oyster farm plan — let's face the facts

Much like the“Wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round,” two Little Compton Bowen brothers go ‘round and ‘round with their specious protests and arguments for …more


Letter: Aggregation plan doesn’t contain more green energy

To the editor:I read with interest the Times article in which the town provides an energy program to compete with Rhode Island Energy. The story offers the town’s program as the …more


Letter: Standing with Israel

To the editor: From time immemorial, the Jewish people have endured countless atrocities - from the oppressive rule of Pharaoh, the wickedness of Haman, the horrors perpetrated by Hitler, and …more


Letter: Thank you for your vote on Election Day

To the editor:I want to thank the citizens of Portsmouth that took the time to vote on Election Day. I am especially grateful and appreciative to those who voted for me and have given me …more


Letter: Our senior citizens of Rhode Island deserve better

To the editor:This March we are asked to vote on the same old referendum items, with emphasis on the University of Rhode Island (URI) and cultural arts and nothing for the senior citizens of …more


Letter: To slow climate change, teach climate literacy

In 2019, inspired by teenage Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, youth around the world took action to demand governments address climate change. While 2020 brought a pandemic that dominated the …more


Letter: Vaccinate teachers, and make schools safer

To the editor:Rhode Island has committed again and again to in-person classes throughout this pandemic. As a teacher, I know that in-person learning is the best option for students and does not …more


Letter: Let’s stand up to Rhode Island Energy

To the editor: The monopoly of Rhode Island Energy is hiking our prices up as much as 47%. We all received an email about it from our energy overlords over the summer, and my question is, why …more


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Letters to the Editor - EastBayRI.com (2024)
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