Reader asks why County Commission is so contentious: Letters to the Editor, June 9, 2024 (2024)

County Commission mistreats citizens

At the May 21 County Commission meeting, I witnessed three individuals being removed from the room by Commission Chairman Jason Steele. None of the individuals were engaged in behavior that warranted their knee-jerk removal.

During the prior May 7 meeting, Commissioner Rita Pritchett requested deputies remove an attendee after the person interjected to let the commission know she had submitted a speaker card, one reported to have been misplaced by Commissioner Steele. Witnesses were jarred by the disrespectful treatment.

At the end of the May 21 meeting, Steele instructed County Attorney Morris Richardson to draft a memorandum on removing attendees from the meeting.None of the other commissioners objected.Residents can anticipate an “attendee removals” memo from Richardson as early as the next meeting in July.

Reader asks why County Commission is so contentious: Letters to the Editor, June 9, 2024 (1)

Residents take out time to attend meetings and provide feedback to the commissioners on topics we care about.We do not accept being treated severely during our visit by those who are supposed to be representing us.

Steele believes it’s OK to remove speakers he doesn’t agree with from the county meetings. He was not even elected to his current position. He was appointed by Gov. DeSantis to complete a term and has repeatedly demonstrated he isn't up to the task.

Residents are encouraged to reach out to the commissioners and DeSantis to denounce this inexcusable behavior. Please attend the next commission meeting on July 9 at 5 p.m. in Viera to support citizens' rights to address our local officials.

Kristin Lortie, Cocoa

Keep politics out of the bedroom

Several years ago, Gov. DeSantis vetoed money for long-acting, reversible contraception. TheFlorida Catholic Conference had requested the veto. The FCC considers these forms of birth control as abortifacients.

This week, Senate Republicans blocked passage of the Right To Contraception Act.

Project 2025, The GOP’s “Mandate for Leadership," states we should prioritize “fertility awareness-based methods," also known as the rhythm method. It also states we should “eliminate men’s preventative services from the women’s preventative servicesmandate." Itspecifically referred to “male condoms."

Every election matters. Every vote matters. Please think about what this all means for you and your loved ones.

Kathy Ojeda, Merritt Island

Parole error needs fixing in Green case

Important questions have been raised about the reliability of the evidence in the Crosley Green murder case. If, as reported, there are errors regarding his parole status, my hope is that officials will do what is truly proper and just in the matter. I believe Mr. Green should be released from prison without undue delay.

Fritz VanVolkenburgh, Rockledge

Does Florida need more people getting high?

I see all these people advertising for Amendment 3, but I see no one coming out against Amendment 3. I have been unable to find yard signs that are anti-Amendment 3. Florida does not need another way to get high legally. The people for this amendment will be mostly the “responsible adults” who are now using pot illegally, and the growers. The claim that the taxes will benefit the schools is a farce. The money generated in taxes is not worth the pain and suffering of people who are affected by drivers who are "under the influence" ― be it of pot or alcohol. The increase of auto insurance rates isa given considering these circ*mstances.

Richard W. Lee, Rockledge

Failure was never an option

As aproject engineeronthe Delta Launch Team for 30 years, “Failure is not an option” was ingrained in every member of theteam. Actually, this mentality was practiced throughout the early days of the space program by NASA and all the programs.Inorder to accomplish this, systems were tested until 100% confidence was achieved, realizing that there is no second chance after liftoff.

The SpaceX Starship Programhas had three launches declared as a success, because they achieved several milestones and the company learned valuable lessons. All three launches experienced a “rapid unscheduled disassembly” aka: explosion. Thistrial and errormethodwas accomplishedby allocating an unlimited amount of money, estimated at $12 billion dollars, and not havinganyaccountability.This amount is approximately one-half of the NASA 2024 budget of $25 billion for space launches, exploration, space station operations and research and development.

NASAcannot afford this approach since itis a government agency and has accountability to Congress and American public, especially when man flight is concerned. One thing is certain: that at liftoff you are committed and thereisnosecond chance. The rocket business is not easy with thousands of systems that must work perfectly to achieve total success, as was demonstrated on the scrubbed attempts of the Boeing Starliner, which NASA, ULA and Boeingmade the decision to stand down.

Indeed, itis easy to criticize the Starliner launch team on theirdecisionto stand downand compare them totheSpaceXsatellite system that was creatednew with unlimited funds, instead of having to retrofit hardware that was used 50 years ago and with limited funds.Restassured,all things will be green at“GO FOR LAUNCH."

Paul Winter, Rockledge

Court cases are politically motivated

Some will call me a sore loser, because of the Trump verdict. Yes, all 12 jurors found him guilty. This verdict can only be attributed to the judge. All through the trial, he acted as a prosecutor and judge.What would you expect from someone who donates to the Democratic Party and has family members working for the party? Of course the venue did not help. The loser in this decision is the United States of America.This is just another step by Democrats, to add the judicial system to the weaponizationof the DOJ.Ask yourself, why are all these cases against Trump being pushed to the court systembefore Election Day? The voting public now has to make a decision in the next election, whether they want a president with a "poor, faulty memory," or one that has committed a crime.

Ted Hesser,Indian Harbour Beach

Reader asks why County Commission is so contentious: Letters to the Editor, June 9, 2024 (2)

Trump is not moral

Does no one care that Trump had an extramarital affair? Does no one care that he is not a moral person ― not a family man, not a man you’d like your daughter to date?The person who will be elected president of our great country will be seen by us as Americans and by the world as someone to emulate. We will fashion our bearing, our home life and our direction by watching our commander in chief. Is Trump truly the person we want our children to see and think is acceptable ― blustering, lying, cheating and now convicted?You think discipline in the schools is bad now?Wait until election strategies start and the filth and nasty comments and Truth Social feeds start.If it is good enough for the president then it must be good enough for us.That is who our children will think is acceptable.This isn’t acceptable behavior to this grandma and former teacher.I hope you’ll think about this before you walk into the booth in November.

Laura Petruska, Melbourne

Biden is not moral

A recent letter-writer said they want a family person for president, takes advice from those they disagree with, obeys laws, respects the court and judicialsystem and the most laughable ... nice family? She's referencingJoe Biden. Biden is the man who refused to acknowledge his born-out-of-wedlock granddaughter for years. He has never taken advice from anyone but his like-minded. His administration is full of DEI placements, not merit-based.

He was caughtwith classified documents in numerous places he never had the right to have as a senator or VP. He was let off becausehe is an old man with a bad memory. That was in the report presented to Congress. His family is one of the least "model" families I've ever seen. Hunter and his sister both have and had serious issues. Yes, the computer was Hunter's and not Russian disinformation. His family has taken millions fromforeign governments, some of which are our enemies.

America is now the laughingstock of the world except when we give them money. Biden botched the Afghanistan withdrawal with 13 unnecessary deaths. He was checking his watch when they brought the remains home to Dover.He criticizes the Supreme Court when they ruled on Roe v. Wade and he's doling out billions in taxpayer dollars to forgive student loans. I find it laughable that anyone can think Biden has the qualities mentioned.

Jerome Freeman, Rockledge

Sham verdict will be reversed

Wow!Many people finally had a chance to call Trump a convicted felon!They were so happy to do so, they were almost giddy!The only thing they are not clear about is just what crime he was convicted of. It had something to do with paying hush money to a lady who was trying to extort him.Yes, his staff did make that payment, and charged it on his books as a personal legal expense. Hush money payments are not illegal.Politicians, businessmen, and celebrities have done that for a couple of hundred years, and it goes on all the time.The New York attorney general said that the expense should have been booked to his campaign, but previous cases before the Federal Elections Commission have ruled that it is a personal expense, not a campaign expense. The New York prosecutor stated that since it was booked as a personal instead of campaign expense, Trump was trying to hide something during a campaign. The payment was on the books, and it is a legal expense, so where was the crime, and who did it hurt?

Many legal analysts agree that this sham verdict will be completely reversed on appeal.I think even the prosecutor and the judge know this will happen, but they do not care. The Democratic Party elites wanted them to tie Trump up any way they could during the 2024 campaign, and they were happy to do so.This is now known as "lawfare."

Joe Harris, Merritt Island

Reader asks why County Commission is so contentious: Letters to the Editor, June 9, 2024 (3)

World didn't end with Trump verdict

It's been a little more than a week since Donald Trump was convicted on 34 felony counts related to the hush money scandal. Since then, the sun has come up each morning and the stars continue to shine at night. Families are planning their summer vacations. Society continues to function and the hellscape predicted by many republican politicians has not enveloped our country.

That is not surprising as Trump has been involved in more than 4,000 legal cases through the years, none of which brought the country to its knees. Further, in none of those cases, not a single one, has Trump provided any factual evidence of wrongful prosecution, rigged results or legal bias. In 1973, he ran afoul of the U.S. Justice Department in violating the Fair Housing Act. In 2015 Trump was found to have defrauded students through Trump University and ordered to pay $25 million in restitution. The 2020 election saw Mr. Trump and colleagues file 62 lawsuits with various challenges to the election. All but one were nearly immediately dismissed due to lack of evidence. The single case that moved forward was eventually dismissed on appeal. Not to mention the Trump Foundation fraud case, the Trump Organization tax fraud case and the E. Jean Carroll ase. All losses for Trump.

So, the only thing that changed May 30 is that a former president of the United States, Donald Trump, is now a convicted felon and will remain a convicted felon, for the rest of his life.

Terry Heagy, Cocoa Beach

Trump is the quintessential flim-flam man

Trump's fallacious efforts to sabotage the 2020 election, putting into question the validity of our electoral process, has damaged our nation's reputation throughout the free world. Now, Trump endeavors to undermine our criminal justice system employing his hackneyed moaning of a rigged, sham prosecution overseen by a Trump-hating judge and prejudiced jury. Trump's considerable team of lawyers had every opportunity during voir dire to disqualify potential jurors they believed to be biased, agreeing to the impaneled assemblage.

Despite being found guilty on all 34 counts, Trump proclaims innocence, calling the entire procedure a disgrace, accusing the justice system and Democratic Party of discriminatory charges. The ignominy lies in the man himself for committing those crimes. Trump denies any culpability, has neither shame nor remorse for his actions.

Extremely alarming are the many elected Republican party members echoing Trump's accusations of politically motivated charges, continuing their road to despotic leadership. Most of these Trump sycophants are the same individuals who accused Hillary Clinton of felonious activity. The worm has turned.

Contrary to his red MAGA baseball cap, Trump isn't jingoistic. He's an egomaniacal narcissist, the quintessential flim-flam man whose rabble-rousing rants deluded millions of uninformed citizens.

Gregory W. Hewitt, Melbourne

Looking forward to July 11

On May 30 a jury of his peers found former President Trump guilty on all 34 felony charges of election tampering. It was shameful when his Republican congressional cult followers ― Rubio, Cruz, Johnson, and others ― many graduates from Harvard and Yale law schools, came out parroting his lies about the justice system.The same justice system they are sworn to uphold.

Heowes $355 million to New York City for cheating on business taxes, and E. Jean Carroll $83 millionfor defaming her. His charitable foundation was closed for being identified as a fraud and self-dealing. So much winning!

He has continually debased the presidency and has violated his oath to defend the Constitution at every turn. He's indicted for stealing and hiding top-secret classified documents and for the insurrection on January 6, resulting in criminal convictions and jail time for hundreds of his supporters. And in Georgia for election interference.

He's now proven to the world that no one is above the rule of law in America. When only the facts in a case against Trump ― not his bloviating and lies ― are presented to a judge and jury, he always loses.

Every day he calls our system of justice "rgged, a political persecution," the judge "conflicted, biased, a Trump hater." He claims he’s “a very innocent man."

He'll continue to slander the rule of law, the judge and his family, the prosecutor, and show no remorse, right up to sentencing on July 11.Let’s see how that works for him.

Jeff Dorman, Satellite Beach

Reader asks why County Commission is so contentious: Letters to the Editor, June 9, 2024 (4)

Ridiculous claims

The FLORIDA TODAY article titled "Hunter Biden gun trial proceeds" describes the trialof President Biden's son for marking a firearm background check form "no" as an unlawful drug user or addicted to controlled substances. This, despite his acknowledgment that he was a drug user for a span of years including the time he filled out the form.

Hunter's defense attorney presented arguments: "Hunter bought a small handgun. It was never loaded. He never used it. It was thrown out 11 days later by the person he was dating at the time." None of these facts have anything to do with what he is charged with. They are just a play for sympathy.

His attorney also argued that Hunter thought he was not an unlawful drug user at the time that he filled out the form. If this argument is accepted, it should be called the Biden loophole similar to the more lenient "gun show loophole" that his father has frequently demanded be closed. The claim is as ridiculous as former president Trump's claim that he declassified the documents marked classified that he took from the White House to his home in Florida at the end of his presidential term by thinking about it, so they were no longer classified.

James Beasom, Melbourne Village

Reader asks why County Commission is so contentious: Letters to the Editor, June 9, 2024 (2024)
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