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Letter: Let's commit to rooting out hometown racism as well

To the editor:I loved seeing so many Little Comptoners on Sunday standing up against our nation’s recent racist murders. Standing up is beautiful, but we must also commit to working for …more


Letter: Rhode Island can still avoid a housing disaster

To the editor: Rhode Island is on the precipice of a cataclysmic housing disaster stemming from the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. But swift, decisive action would avert this crisis. …more


Letter: Be careful what you wish for (Barrington start times)

To the editor:I don’t know whether anyone else has noticed the irony of it all.Last year everyone in town was fighting tooth and nail over school start (and end) times. It turns out …more


Letter: I commit to the advancement of racial justice in all ways

Are you distraught by what our fellow Americans have done to our black American brothers and sisters over the last several weeks/months? Can you “accept” what happened to George …more


Letter: Citizens should be allowed to ‘peaceably assemble’

With regard to the police ‘dispersing’ groups of any size,the First Amendment reads, in part: "Congress shall make no law ... abridging the right of the people peaceably to assemble …more


Letter: General Assembly is asleep at the wheel

To the editor: Rhode Islanders have lost our voice. Whether or not we approve of how our governor is responding to this crisis, we have lost our voice. Regardless of our individual opinions …more


Letter: In 1943, our graduation was interrupted by war

This is regarding the high school senior class of 2020. The heartbreak is there.We realize the frustration you are experiencing. The graduating Class of 1943 went through a bad ordeal. We were …more


Letter: Donald Trump — The man is a menace

To the editor:The man is a menace. There have been 13 Presidents in my lifetime. Each deserved some respect. Through the years I’ve believed in the two-party system, for we need in a …more


Letter: ‘Crush Covid’ app brings real privacy questions

ACLU of Rhode Island executive director Steven Brown released this statement after Gov. Gina Raimondo’s announcement and release of the “Crush Covid RI” app: As the Governor …more


Letter: Bristol’s own World War II hero turns 100

On Sunday, May 10, Mothers’ Day, Bristol’s Arthur Medeiros celebrated his 100 th birthday. His many friends and family members organized a motorcade, including by one person’s …more


Letter: Not all heroes wear capes; they wear PPE

When the world changed in March 2020 due to Covid 19, and our communities were shut down to shelter in place and socially distance, we started a campaign with two goals — support our struggling …more


Letter: Misguided vigilantes are snitching on their neighbors

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, I have observed the Bristol police report becoming larger every week, with the majority of incidents being so called “concerned citizens” …more


Letter: Light shined does not have to cast pessimism

To the editor:Barrington has one-fifth the statewide rate of positive COVID-19 tests.We're fortunate that we have many office workers able to work from home. We have few apartment buildings, …more


Letter: Criticism is fine, but back it with some facts

To the editor:I understand that editorials and letters are opinion pieces, and I read each week interesting and thought-provoking pieces by East Bay readers and others. I especially enjoy Arlene …more


Letter: Kudos for editorial — is anyone looking out for taxpayers??

To the editor:Apparently your editorial struck a nerve with town councilor Steve Boyajian regarding town manager Jim Cunha.Councilor Boyajian was quick to defend Mr. Cunha’s action and …more


Letter: Never allow a good crisis to go to waste

President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel believed that a crisis was an opportunity to do things that you once thought were impossible. We are facing a pandemic of historic …more


Letter: Wearing a mask shows you care

To the editor: A Twin River billboard on I-195 captures the irony of the age. “Let’s all come together. Stay home. Stay safe.” How do we come together when we are practicing …more


Letter: Trump and his administration failed to act quickly

Letters have appeared recently that appear to seek to shield the president from any responsibility for the fact that with just over 4 percent of the Earth’s population, we have about one-third …more


Letter: Reporting manager's workouts is waste of time

To the editor: With the entire planet changed utterly in a few weeks’ time you have focused wasted attention on the workout habits of the Town Manager with a snide editorial comment and …more


Letter: Writer puts blame on Trump, when it should be on China

I feel it necessary to point out not only the bias demonstrated in Thomas Brown’s letter regarding President Trump’s handling of the present pandemic , but also his regrettable …more


Letter: Is town gym open to all tax-paying residents?

To the editor: This is in regards to the Barrington town manager that wrote last week about people being angry over the use of masks. He went on to explain his daily workouts . I was hoping …more


Letter: Mr. Martel's letter was fascinating mix of illogic, selfishness

To the editor:I would like to address the many points made in the letter written by Michael L. Martel in the April 22, 2020 edition of the Barrington Times. Mr. Martel's letter contains a …more


Letter: Federal budget is a debt sinkhole

Well, it was a good laugh. The closing sentence in the letter titled " Thankfully our Presidential Leadership gives us hope ” states that we should all have a little love, compassion and …more


Letter: Farewell, Goglia’s! We won’t be the same without you

When Goglia’s market closes its doors, Bristol won’t lose just a great neighborhood market, it will lose an institution. No other place shares its one-of-a-kind character. Built by …more


Letter: Face facts, we are living under martial law

It bothers me that the noose constricting our freedoms has been so continually tightened of late that our rights have been all but dissolved in the name of protecting us from ourselves and others …more


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