What EHM Employees Say About the Publisher, GDS International, that Promotes Silver Sol for ABL/CliftonMining & Homeland Security Officials:


“While you might be able to make some money here, they treat people like absolute garbage. They yell at you to get on the phones all day, make you stand up (not allowed to sit), you are cold calling constantly for eight hours minimum straight. They give you no resources. You go home, print out a stack of leads, and stare at your phone dialing all day. . . . Stay clear, not a good place to be, there's plenty of other places to make money, and more importantly, start an actual career.”

“This place is a joke. A completely broken business model. Bunch of hoodlums from the UK stole an idea from a bunch of other hoodlums to call up CEO's with the perfect magazine (perfect because you literally make up content, contributors, other sponsors, and circulation based on whatever company you're pitching) and make tons of money because the mags are never published except copies for whoever bought an ad space.

“They'll tell you its sales and in every sales job you have to lie to sell... which is probably one of the most ignorant idiotic philosophies I've ever heard. You only have to lie if 1.) you don't know how to sell, or 2.) your product doesn't exist. People who lie to people to get their money are in my book, and most other civil people's, criminals.

“The events aren't bad, and they probably could sell sponsorship for them without lying, but because you can make more money by lying, you are required to lie.

“So, if you are comfortable with lying to people to get their money, standing on your feet all day, being screamed at to get on the phone, asked to call CEO's homes and lie to their wives to get cell phone numbers, and you are a good old fashioned hard working liar... be my guest because you will make a lot of money. If not, then stay clear.

“. . . I don’t mean little white lies, I mean lying about GDS working with world government bodies, lying about the magazine’s circulation (about ten, well all the advertisers get one, but I think that’s it, as apposed to 50,000+ which they claim).

“Anyway just to make it even worse there is no job security; people get sacked every week, although more probably leave. This means who ever is left is a megalomaniac with no attachment to reality.”


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